Intelligent Data Centres Issue 49 | Page 23

Having renewable projects incorporated into your data centre may become a requirement when trying to connect to a national grid – specifically , being selfsufficient and able to give back to the grid as and when required .
At this moment , renewables also provide cheaper energy and hedge market risks , providing good value relative to wholesale
Bob Collinson , MD – Noveus Energy
At the top of the pyramid – the holy grail in renewables – is onsite generation like a solar plant or rooftop solar .
prices recently experienced . They also address other operational pressures , such as the need for net-zero reporting and credentials , which you must deliver .
Added pressure is likely coming from your tenants – who will feel similar netzero and cost constraints too – turning to you for reassurance that renewables are part of your centre ’ s plans and forwardthinking strategy .
Elsewhere , new regulatory constraints are on the way . In his recent article , John Booth , Chair of the DCA ’ s Energy Efficiency Group , writes that the EU ’ s energy efficiency directive requires mandatory registration and reporting as part of the organisation ’ s 2030 carbonneutral goal . This is EU legislation and it is debatable whether it will be enshrined in UK law . However , we can expect UK commitments to climate change and net zero laws applying to energy efficiency ‘ will be maintained in some capacity or new laws introduced . Global operators want consistency in reporting regimes across jurisdictions ’.
Finally , in his article , John Booth namechecks PPAs and direct ownership of renewable energy schemes and asks : ‘ will this be enough ?’
In my view , it ’ s a good start . The closer you get to the top of the hierarchy of renewable needs , the more credible these options become . Rather than further stressing an already stretched system , top-level energy self-generation brings additionality by adding energy to the grid . And right now , that ’ s a good thing . � www . intelligentdatacentres . com