Intelligent Data Centres Issue 49 | Page 36

Fay Thompson , VP Human Resources , EMEA , STACK Infrastructure a successful talent strategy : create a strong and compelling employer brand ; recruit talented people with the relevant experience from inside or outside the industry ; and further train , develop and engage current employees .
By far the most effective approach is to attract , engage and retain those with the right skills , attitude and experience . At STACK we have invested in proactively creating a positive work culture that permeates across every site and every function . We give staff high degrees of autonomy and latitude to enable them to add value and grow . Not only does this help us constantly refine best practice , but creates a can-do culture that people are keen to engage with .
But even with a strong brand and the high retention that these approaches bring , growth means there is always the need to hire new people . Finding the right talent is hard . In 2020 we launched our Critical Infrastructure Technician Apprentice programme in collaboration with industry education and training experts , CNet Training ( CNet ). The purpose of this programme was to fill the skills gap by identifying tradespeople from outside the industry with the right skills – and crucially , attitude and mindset – to be successful as data centre technicians .
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