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( 78 %). These figures are encouraging , particularly in the face of the new wave of leadership entering digital , technology and transformation functions in recent years . The expectation was that their wider set of skills might reduce the level of awareness around technology challenges , but it appears this has not been the case .
What leaders need for Digital Transformation
The research has shown that the biggest barrier Digital Transformation leaders are facing is poor IT infrastructure , often driven by cost .
Outside of this , Digital Transformation leaders ’ priorities are relatively familiar challenges :
• The ability to scale their tech up and down quickly
• Collaboration with IT
• Unlimited data storage and management
The research does , however , also suggest that collaboration between business strategy and technical teams may be improving through Digital Transformation .
Minimising environmental impact
With businesses returning to normality , they are once again in a position to focus on restabilising their environmental , social and governance ( ESG ) efforts . This is visible in Digital Transformation , where 92 % of leaders are considering environmental factors as part of their digital strategy and almost as many IT professionals believe this commitment is reflected fairly .
Cadence found that many of the organisations it surveyed linked Digital Transformation to ESG initiatives . Almost half ( 45 %) said their Digital Transformation strategy was aimed at reducing the environmental impact of their technology infrastructure . Included within this is a reduction in power consumption , as 43 % identified it within their transformation strategy . But to do so , companies must make efficient gains across equipment , as well as put in concerted efforts to improve space utilisation .
Transforming your future
Digital Transformation is a doubleedged sword . On the one hand , it presents businesses with numerous opportunities , but on the other , it brings barriers for technical professionals and digital strategists . But while the Digital Transformation acceleration will cause data centres issues , Digital Transformation as a whole does seem to be aligning with business strategy and technology . This increases efficiency , helping technical teams to add value through effective facilities management and maximised capacity .
“ Digital Transformation is prolific in every industry right now , thanks to its power to unlock business growth in a challenging climate ,” said Dave King , Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cadence . “ While the level of change and challenges it unveils may vary across sectors , one thing remains consistent – the need for digital twin technology to manage the pressures that arise when transforming data centre facilities . With this technology in place , organisations can effectively manage changing capacity demands and deliver on ESG directives . As such , it ’ s unsurprising that a growing number of companies are turning to physicsbased simulation with data centre digital twins to empower decision-making for these transformations .” �
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