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Data centres are crucial to tackling net zero

Central to the successful development of the data centre sector is how organisations will ensure their facilities operate more sustainably and thus contribute to the reduction of net zero carbon . Marc Garner , VP Secure Power Division and Major Pursuits Team , Schneider Electric UK & Ireland , outlines how data centre managers can harness the power of renewables , technology and data as well as drive ecosystem collaboration to become part of the solution . oday there is a growing energy crisis across Ireland . Data

T centres have been positioned as large consumers of power , causing potential disruption to consumer supply amid warnings of ‘ blackouts ’.

Yet to tackle the problems in energy generation and supply , we must face up to the realities of the situation . Firstly , aging grids have failed to develop in line with demand or sustainability ambitions – meaning that demand for renewable energy now outweighs supply , with the onus placed on large consumers as the problem .
Secondly , questions are , rightly , being raised around the environmental impact of the sector , its energy requirements and its emissions . Analyses vary , but data centres are predicted to use around 1 %– 2 % of total global electricity consumption .
The truth , however , is that data centres are becoming a key part of the solution to the energy crisis and they will likely serve as a net zero template for other industries . Ahead of COP27 we must begin to realise that we cannot address the impacts of climate change without data , digitisation and technology and we can ’ t act upon the data without data centres .
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To understand why data centres have been singled out amid the energy
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