Intelligent Data Centres Issue 47 | Page 35

The complexity and evolving nature of Digital Transformation has drastically changed since the pandemic . With the need to deliver a unified experience in challenging and emerging environments , how can decision-makers digitally transform their organisations ? Mark Ackerman , Area VP , Middle East & Africa , ServiceNow , explains how businesses can best prepare for this digital economy and empower the customer at the same time .

ServiceNow : Four steps to becoming a digital business with longevity

It is difficult to imagine an enterprise in the Arab Gulf – or , indeed , anywhere – that is not , to some degree , a digital business . Software , whether on-premises or running in the cloud , is the great differentiator . Basic applications deliver the minimal productivity required to keep up with market demands and more advanced technologies automate , analyse , predict and advise . Together , these tools allow regional enterprises to contribute to the myriad economic visions of ambitious governments as they build sustainable , knowledge-based societies .

Businesses must reflect the economy in which they operate . Economies are increasingly digital , therefore businesses must become capable of operating and scaling in these emerging environments . Challenges are not what they used to be . Where www . intelligentdatacentres . com