Intelligent Data Centres Issue 45 - Page 71


wWhere is Leviton today in terms of data centres and smart buildings ?

Since its existence , Leviton has been forward-looking , recognising customer needs more than just high-end products .
As the market is growing fast , data centres and smart buildings share several common aspects . Both are bandwidth- and powerhungry and require a solid vendor with manufacturing capacity , innovation and technology advancement capabilities .
Leviton services clients all over the globe , backed up by more than 15 fully owned and certified and sustainable manufacturing facilities , an R & D team of experts in multiple disciplines , logistics and supply chain infrastructure . Companies like Leviton and only a few others will thrive in this volatile market . Without this capacity , solutions will struggle to reach the data centre or a smart building .
With the increasing data centres landscape , what does Leviton offer in terms of solutions for this application ?
Leviton is perceived as a Tier 1 passive infrastructure and connectivity vendor in the Middle East region . The truth is , we go beyond , which has been at the heart of Leviton since its foundation in 1906 . With our lighting control , energy metering and management solution coupled with a strong LED lighting portfolio , we have a rich portfolio to favour data centre facilities .
While connectivity is the nerve of any data centre , we mainly focus on power / Kwh / MwH . With the increased energy cost , these solutions are becoming necessary to drive energy bills down . Our solutions are applicable , whether for a colocation / hyperscale data centre facility or an Edge / micro data centre . Today , we have a more considerable responsibility to continue to engage with our clients beyond our passive infrastructure to offer the entire portfolio .
How is emerging technology playing a role in connecting smart and healthy buildings ?
Traditionally , we used to spend enough time in our workplace and now we see people returning after the pandemic to normalcy but with a different mindset . It is the era where building owners are continuing to make changes to workspaces to incorporate the health and well-being of the employees and an ongoing long-term strategy to improve efficiency and safety . A 2021 survey of 400 US and Canadian companies found that nearly 60 % are planning to invest more in smart and healthy buildings . The four-pair cable we historically used to cater for our Internet connectivity is now required to perform additional responsibilities from connecting the
HVAC , Intelligent Lighting or Disinfectant Technology , Wi-Fi , digital signage , Energy Management and more . It is imperative with this changing landscape to have the right technology partner / vendor .
What is your advice for specialists to prepare their networks for the future ?
For this to happen , it requires a consortium of specialists from
Shady Youssef , Managing Director MEA , Africa & APAC at Leviton www . intelligentdatacentres . com