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Section ’ s Distributed GraphQL hosting allows organisations to quickly launch and scale locationoptimised , multi-cloud API servers

Section , a leading cloud-native distributed compute provider , has announced its new Distributed GraphQL Service , allowing organisations to quickly launch and easily scale locationoptimised , multi-cloud API servers .

Organisations can host GraphQL in data centres across town or around the world to improve API performance and reliability , lower costs , decrease impact on back-end servers and improve scalability , resilience , compliance , security and other factors – all without impacting their current cloud-native development process or tools . Section handles day-today server operations , as its clusterless platform automates orchestration of the GraphQL servers across a secure and reliable global infrastructure network .
“ Distributing API servers and other compute resources makes all the sense in the world for developers , as long as it ’ s easy to do ,” said Stewart McGrath , Section ’ s CEO . “ Our new Distributed GraphQL service is simple to start ,
gives you immediate access to a global network and automates orchestration so developers can simply focus on their application and business logic .”
GraphQL is a query language and server-side runtime for cloud APIs that improves the efficiency of data delivery . According to a report by Akamai , API calls represent 83 % of all web traffic and InfoQ considers GraphQL to have reached ‘ early majority ’ usage in its 2022 architecture trends report .
With Section , GraphQL servers can be quickly deployed and immediately benefit from multi-cloud , multi-provider distribution . Application users will experience an instant performance boost from reduced latency , while API service availability and resilience is dramatically improved by Section ’ s automated service failure / re-routing capabilities .
Organisations will benefit from decreased costs versus hyperscalers or roll-your-own distribution solutions and can even run
other containers alongside the GraphQL Server , such as Redis caches , security solutions , etc . to further improve the costs / performance / availability equation .
Section ’ s distributed cloud-native compute platform allows application developers worldwide to focus only on business logic yet enables their software to behave as if it runs everywhere , is infinitely scalable , always available , maximally performant , completely compliant and efficient with compute resources and cost . DevOps teams can use existing Kubernetes tools and processes to deploy to Section and set simple policy-based rules to control its clusterless global platform .
Benefits of Section ’ s Distributed GraphQL service include :
• Proximity-based performance – Moving API servers closer to users dramatically improves performance and servers can be spun up / down as needed based on load to minimise cost .
• Full and partial API caching – For improved performance ; done well , this can minimise the need for database distribution , dramatically decreasing costs .
• Roundtrip coalescing – Section ’ s data fetch capabilities can coalesce database and API calls to reduce backend chattiness .
• Cloud independence – Section ’ s Composable Edge Cloud eliminates provider dependence by leveraging the world ’ s top infrastructure and cloud providers .
• Layer 3-4 DDoS Security – Networklayer DDoS protection is included by default across the entire Section network to protect against all Layer 3 / 4 attacks . Section ’ s DDoS protection includes dually redundant DDoS protection including two of the world ’ s largest DDoS networks . �
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