Intelligent Data Centres Issue 45 | Page 35

Meeting the design requirements of a data centre is a non-negotiable for determining the success and longevity of a facility and ensuring speed to market . Abed Jishi , VP , Design , EMEA & APAC , Vantage Data Centers , provides insight into why the overall design objective is to always ensure predictability so that customers can scale quickly and reliably in any geographic region .

Data centre design considerations and components critical to operational success

Demand for high-quality hyperscale data centres across the globe has never been higher . Though the hyperscalers are leading the charge for more space , power and connectivity , large enterprise organisations are a further contributing factor . As with the hyperscalers , they recognise that high-quality purpose-designed and built data centres offer many benefits versus the alternative of operating their own self-build / managed solutions .

Both hyperscalers and enterprise customers rightfully expect their data centre partners to ensure their technology and applications are powered , cooled , protected and connected when and how they want , irrespective of geographic location . Continuous IT availability through the provision of scalable , future-proofed power and resilient critical infrastructure are prerequisites . So too are optimised energy efficiencies and industry leading PUEs and compliance with environmental , security , quality and operational regulations .
All the above will serve to inform and help to shape the data centre design and development cycle while also ensuring speed to market – without compromising the safety of staff and www . intelligentdatacentres . com