Intelligent Data Centres Issue 43 | Page 72

• Layer 5 : White space / data centre floor
• Layer 6 : IT rack ( including associated cage and air containment – hot aisle or cold )
The overall security programme should address each of the layers and combine people , process and technology in an integrated approach . When one provider delivers the entire programme , it gives clear accountability and ownership for the entire security supply chain .
What are the main elements of the security plan ?
By addressing vulnerabilities , an organisation is more likely to prevent the more damaging aspects of a security breach .
Security design activity that fails to consider the appropriate risks , threats and vulnerabilities is unable to identify the necessary impact areas and is therefore unlikely to meet its objectives . The result is either over-expenditure , or vulnerabilities being left unaddressed .
While an integrated approach reduces risk levels and improves protection and resilience , we work hard to identify ways to add value throughout every engagement . Mapping how mitigation impacts not only a single vulnerability but an array of security weaknesses across asset categories enables us to maximise operational efficiencies .
The security plan as a minimum should address each of the physical layers through the 3Ds and BAD design philosophy .
What technologies should be included ?
The security solution should embrace a variety of system technologies working in an integrated fashion with a strong focus on analytics to assist the security service team in performing their duties .
Typically , from a physical security perspective , the perimeter may adopt vehicle access control , using license plate recognition ( LNPR ) and mechanical barriers at a manned guarding point . Perimeter intruder detection ( PID ) will use video analytics and thermal imaging to draw attention to attempts to gain unauthorised access to sites around the boundary or fence line .
Internally , the security systems include access control , some with two-factor credentials such as pin and / or biometrics to control access to the varying layers , particularly high security areas such as the rack or IT space .
Real time video surveillance embedded with Deep Learning analytics will draw attention to unusual activity or motion , while a communication system should make it simple for security to push messages and video capture if necessary .
Ideally a security management system will provide a simple interface to allow security to operate the different systems in a controlled manner from a central location .
Life safety and fire prevention and detection is absolutely necessary and often seeking Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm ( VESDA ) to maximise response preparedness with a doubleknock alarm often providing a secondary detection to activate the fire suppression systems in the critical white ( IT Room ) and grey ( Plant Room ) spaces .
What should you look for in a technology partner ?
Quality , experience , breadth and a commitment to continuous improvement . Let ’ s treat each of those individually .
• Quality – Where systems integration is required , it is critical that they
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