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DataVita expands partnership with FNT Software to deliver new value-added services to customers

NT Software , a leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of IT , data centre and

F telecommunication infrastructures worldwide , has announced its extended partnership with DataVita , a Tier III certified data centre and multi-cloud provider for public and private sector organisations . Through the partnership , FNT provides Data Centre Infrastructure Management ( DCIM ) and enables DataVita to deliver new value-added services to customers while maintaining 100 % uptime and operational excellence .

FNT provides full transparency into all IT and telecommunications structures and manages IT assets , cabling and infrastructure , data centres and telecommunications resources within its modern web-based software solution , FNT Command . FNT Command was DataVita ’ s preferred DCIM tool due to its flexible Software-asa-Service ( SaaS ) model and multi-tenancy capability , particularly important for client privacy and GDPR compliance .
“ We ’ re proud to have worked with DataVita since 2016 and support its evolution from start-up to leading colocation and cloud services provider ,” said Oliver Lindner , Head of Business Line Data Center , at FNT Software . “ FNT ’ s software solutions have not only provided DataVita with the end-to-end transparency needed to optimise service delivery and meet customer demands , but have also facilitated a broader portfolio of service offerings . We look forward to continued success through our partnership .”
In addition to providing data centre infrastructure management , FNT works alongside DataVita ’ s other main SaaS suppliers including ServiceNow to enable business-critical data to be passed between the systems . Through FNT ’ s API integration , ServiceNow stays up-to-date with accurate , real-time information from FNT Command ’ s data repository .

Juniper Networks chosen by Jazz to build fully automated data centre infrastructure

uniper Networks , a leader in secure , AI-driven networks ,

J announced that it has been selected by Jazz , Pakistan ’ s number one 4G operator and the largest Internet and leading digital service provider , to create a transformative , expanded and upgraded data centre network to underpin Jazz ’ s services delivery platform for its 74.9 million subscribers . Jazz ’ s objective was to reimagine its architectural approach by leveraging continuous automation , assurance and data-driven insights to deliver a superior network user experience at scale while simplifying its operations .

Jazz says it offers the broadest portfolio of value-added digital services to enterprises and subscribers in Pakistan and has built a reputation for cutting-edge innovation with the ability to scale cloud-based services quickly and reliably . Following a rigorous vendor-agnostic technology appraisal , focused on the operational and cost efficiencies made possible by network automation , Jazz selected Juniper ’ s technology and expertise to underpin this latest project . Juniper ’ s advanced automation capabilities , transforming the entire network management life cycle process within a single system , were a standout in the market .
“ The power of automation , bound within a single operational framework thanks to intent-based networking , enables
Jazz to address the relevant operational questions , find the right answers quickly and make the best decisions ,” said Mike Bushong , Vice President , Cloud Ready Data Center at Juniper Networks . “ This means its network becomes a strategic business tool , leveraging data to deliver robust deployment and operational efficiencies and eliminates traditional network constraints that force choices between speed and reliability .”
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