Intelligent Data Centres Issue 43 | Page 61

Paul Brickman , Commercial Director at Crestchic already fragile – risking a power outage in an already difficult environment could be catastrophic .
Although mobile data centres are designed to provide facilities with the perfect mix of temporary generators , networking essentials , cooling equipment , servers and UPS , the fact remains that a single point of failure can immobilise the entire data centre . This is an important consideration when deciding which maintenance procedures to uphold , and which if any , can be overlooked .
With power outages proven to be the biggest point of failure , correct loadbank testing should be maintained at all times to provide reassurance that if required , the backup power system is capable of accepting the required load and maintaining uptime in the event of a power failure .
Understand the possibilities , prevent downtime
If it is not the temporary nature of a containerised data centre that prevents the required maintenance , then it is often the location and the assumption that access will be impossible . Afterall , these small , highly portable loadbanks are often located in areas that have not www . intelligentdatacentres . com