Intelligent Data Centres Issue 43 | Page 3

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06 . News
Latest news round-up
14 . Latest intelligence


Whitepapers from Chatsworth CPI and Schneider Electric
21 . Industry intelligence powered by the DCA

17 .

Data centre predictions
Reports highlight key considerations for combatting data centre difficulties
How to improve performance in the data centre
25 . Infographic
Research highlights a growing need for technology stack unification
26 . Project focus
Latest updates from US , UK , South Korea and South Africa
29 . Editor ’ s question
How are data centre demands shaping the APAC market and how are you responding to its evolving success ?
40 . Expert opinion
Data centre sustainability begins at the design phase

35 .

Are we witnessing an Edge explosion ?
Issue 43

44 .

Green data : How insightful management is shaping the future of data centres
. Intelligent technologies
60 . Uncovering the layers
Is loadbank testing necessary for containerised data centres ?
64 . Deep dive
We ‘ deep dive ’ with Venessa Moffat , DCA Advisory Board Member , who tells us about life inside and outside the office
66 . The edge
The three IT questions CIOs should be able to answer . . . but probably can ’ t
70 . Industry expert



47 .

End user insight
Durham University selects
Rockport Switchless Network for large-scale assessment on one of its
DiRAC Facility HPC clusters
G4S expert on getting data centre security right www . intelligentdatacentres . com