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Ørsted and ATP to work with GlobalConnect to make North Sea Energy Island a digital hub

NEWS rsted and ATP have signed an agreement with GlobalConnect

Ø to make the North Sea Energy Island a cross-border digital hub . This is expected to be a major opportunity to deliver on the future digitisation agenda of Northern Europe and a key enabler to potentially attract large-scale investments in digital infrastructure , including data centres .

GlobalConnect has one of the most extensive high-capacity networks and experience in Northern Europe with more than 100,000 km of fibre across the region . Data consumption is expected
to rise significantly in the coming years as more devices connect to the Internet . This will require a capacity expansion of the grid transporting data between the North Sea countries , and a smart North Sea Energy Island offers a natural intersection for this grid , while also being a reliable source of renewable energy to power the digitisation .
“ The North Sea Energy Island offers Denmark a unique opportunity to become a hub for the key technologies of tomorrow and thereby attract significant investments within both renewable energy and digitalisation ,” said Rasmus Errboe , Head of Region Continental Europe at Ørsted . “ We ’ re very excited to work with GlobalConnect to enable the future connectivity needs of the region , while leveraging our unique modular design to potentially attract global tech investments to the region , including on the North Sea Energy Island .”

Castrol and Submer to collaborate on immersion cooling solutions for data centre and Edge applications

astrol , one of the world ’ s leading lubricants brands , and


Submer , an emerging leader for immersion cooling systems , have signed an agreement that will aim to accelerate the adoption of immersion cooling as a path to more efficient and more sustainable data centre operations .
The two companies plan to collaborate on the global supply , standardisation and development of next-generation immersion cooling fluids – fluids used to cool components of IT equipment by submerging the server equipment in a thermally conductive and dielectric liquid . The servers are cooled as a result and heat is transferred from the source to the liquid .
By combining Castrol ’ s thermal management expertise with Submer ’ s expertise in immersion cooling systems , the two organisations aim to achieve a multitude of benefits , particularly in allowing data centres to be managed in a more sustainable manner . With immersion cooling , water usage and the power consumption needed to operate and cool server equipment can be significantly reduced .
bp , Castrol ’ s parent company , is also working with other companies in key industrial sectors that have significant carbon emissions to help them decarbonise by offering integrated energy solutions . This potentially opens additional opportunities for Castrol and Submer to explore integrated coolant and energy offers , tailored to support data centre customers to help them meet their sustainability goals .
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