Intelligent Data Centres Issue 42 | Page 49

planned growth , but allowing for unexpected / unplanned growth and changes in technology , especially in light of the proliferation of IoT-connected devices as part of a smart building initiative .
How have testing needs evolved to keep pace with the assurance of deployment stability and uptime ?
addition to a PoE load test , can be useful in this situation .
Use-case 2 : A user cannot connect to a resource or to the Internet
Having test equipment which can analyse the switch connection to determine if the link is connected to the correct switch , port and VLAN can be used to find issues which crop up , for example , when a server in a Top of Rack layout has been incorrectly connected to a switch on an adjacent rack . Ability to also perform Ping , Traceroute and TCP Connection testing can further assist in situations like this .
Use-case 3 : Ports or cables mislabelled or missing labels can lead to problems on-site to correct these situations is also another must-have . If the test equipment being used and the portable printer being used can share a common Excel file-based labelling scheme , this can be a further big-time saver and avoid errors .
How must modern data centres evolve to meet the requirements of leading technologies such as Intelligent Buildings ?
Modern data centres should be planned with growth in mind – not just expected /
No longer can those managing data centres rely on cable testing , be it certification or qualification of the cabling . As more demand is placed on the data centre , it is critical to have test equipment that can perform the physical cable testing as well as wired / wireless connectivity testing , Multigigabit SNR measurements , PoE load testing to determine power at the endpoint at a minimum and having the ability to expand the range of testing to include emerging technologies such as Single Pair Ethernet provides assurance that the data centre can support the applications on the horizon .
How can organisations ensure they have a strategy for troubleshooting and testing ?
Provide those responsible for maintaining the data centre with the proper tools and test equipment and ensure they are trained in how to use it to assure the current and future applications can be supported . Having the right multifunction test solution in place will also help to find problems quickly when they arise and periodically test the infrastructure to make sure it can continue to support these applications down the road as demands on the data centre increase . �
Having the ability to trace wiring through tone generation and probe , multiple remote IDs on a qualifier or running a switch detail test can aid in the determination of where a given cable has been connected . Having a labelling tool
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