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Schneider Electric creates professional education platform to address the data centre skills gap

NEWS chneider Electric has announced a series of updates to its vendor-agnostic and CPD-accredited digital

S education platform , the Schneider Electric University . Available in 14 different languages and accessible globally for free online , the dedicated professional development platform directly addresses the data centre sector skills gap , helping industry stakeholders to upskill and stay up-to-date with the latest technology , sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives affecting the sector .

To-date , the Schneider Electric University has delivered more than 1 million courses to over 650,000 data centre users , with + 180 countries represented by its global user-base . The new updates to the Schneider Electric University Data Centre Certified Associate ( DCCA ) qualification include fundamentals of power , cooling , racks and physical security and guidance on how to optimise data centre designs to drive resilience , energy efficiency and sustainability . Its newest courses include Optimising Cooling Layouts for the Data Centre ; Fundamental Cabling Strategies in the Data Centre ; Examining Fire Protection Methods in the Data Centre ; and Fundamentals of Cooling II – Humidity in the Data Centre .
Furthermore , its curriculum addresses key focal points for the industry such as Data Centre Site Selection and Planning , which offers guidance on how to select brown and greenfield sites for access to renewable energy ; Alternative Power Generation Technologies , which helps drive the implementation of renewable energy strategies , on-site power generation and use of technologies such as microgrids ; and Battery Technology for Data Centres , which evaluates the sustainability impact of different types of UPS batteries , the benefits of Lithium-Ion technology and offers an analysis of the associated life cycle costs .

Zscaler launches colocated data centres in Canberra and Auckland

Z scaler has launched a new colocated data centre in Canberra and a second colocated data centre in Auckland . new data centre facilities to Canberra and Auckland puts our industry-leading Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform closer to our customers .

This investment will now offer public and private sector enterprises in Australia and New Zealand greater resilience in support of their Zero Trust cybersecurity posture .
The new sites have been added as part of Zscaler ’ s ongoing investment across its operations in Australia and New Zealand and will complement the existing Zscaler data centre infrastructures in both Sydney and Melbourne , all of which are colocated within Equinix data centres .
“ Our new data centre infrastructure will further support any new programmes which the new Federal Government and Minister for Cybersecurity may launch to further build awareness of the Essential Eight and continue to reinforce the need for ongoing cyber-vigilance .”
At the same time , the new Canberra data centre will assist in providing an increase in capacity to address a significant rise in demand from public sector organisations .
“ Successful organisations of any size realise that any disruption , regardless of how small a security incident , will have an impact on the business as a whole ,” said Steve Singer , Regional Vice President , Australia at Zscaler .
“ At present , we support more than a million users from Australia on our platform and these numbers are set to escalate . Bringing
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