Intelligent Data Centres Issue 42 | Page 64

Whether you have an existing facility or are looking to build a new facility , with our comprehensive range of products , we have a solution that can deliver fresh air free-cooling within your environment . All you need is access to an external wall .
Within northern Europe , for a large portion of the year the external ambient temperature falls within the ASHRAE limits , allowing for fresh air free-cooling to take place , delivering outside air into the data centre or telecoms environment . For the few hours of the year where the ambient temperature isn ’ t suitable , that is the moment when mechanical or evaporative cooling is relied upon .


Airsys products , whether floor-standing CRAC units or wall-mounted packaged units , come with integrated mechanical cooling to cover the peak temperatures throughout the year . If we consider London and assume we are looking to achieve server inlet temperatures of 25 ° C , then a fresh air solution could deliver free cooling for 8,653 hours out of a possible 8,760 hours per year .
Some clients and consultants have been hesitant in utilising the benefits of fresh air free-cooling , with their arguments focusing on humidity levels , pollutants and in some cases opting for a chilled water solution with free-cooling chillers . Firstly , although a good solution , a chilled water design will always transition from free cooling to mechanical cooling at a much lower ambient temperature . Additionally , when free-cooling , a chilled water solution will still need to run indoor fans , outdoor fans and pumps to transfer the cooling medium and cool the environment . An Airsys fresh air free-cooling solution only requires the indoor fans to operate , thus requiring less power input . Additionally , our CRAC range when in free-cooling mode bypasses the evaporator cooling coil , thereby lowering the fan power , something a traditional free-cooling chilled water solution cannot provide . Humidity also doesn ’ t pose a problem . Ambient humidity levels are typically within acceptable ranges for the majority of the year , but when they are outside of scope , our external sensors transition the system into mechanical cooling . Mitigating the risk of introducing pollutants is achieved with correct filtration and adequate maintenance regimes . In recent years , Airsys has delivered more than a thousand units in the UK , in numerous cities , delivering fresh air free-cooling without incident .
Although , it ’ s not the single solution in resolving the issues caused by high energy prices , fresh air free-cooling is certainly a solution that is readily available to lower your operating costs and reduce your organisation ’ s impact on the environment , delivering a more sustainable future . Let the fresh air freecooling revolution begin . �
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