Intelligent Data Centres Issue 40 - Page 57

Custodian selects Aqua as premier cooling partner for new Dartford site

Custodian Data Centres , one of the UK ’ s leading colocation providers for MSPs , cloud , enterprise and digital entertainment organisations , has enlisted Aqua to design , supply and install an innovative temperature control system at the new 10MW site located in Dartford , Kent .

With Custodian ’ s award-winning Maidstone facility nearing capacity , Custodian commissioned its new ‘ DA2 ’ facility in Dartford , Kent , to meet the continued growth demands of its customers . Less than 15 miles outside of Central London , Custodian ’ s goal was to provide an advanced facility for end-users to relocate and host their mission-critical applications . The new site is carrier-neutral , operating at a PUE rating of below 1.3 and powered by resilient , 100 % dual diverse renewable energy feeds .
Aqua delivers a highly energy-efficient , bespoke , closed-loop air cooling system with integrated free cooling . The design for Custodian ’ s DA2 includes 12 custom-designed cooling coils and a free cooling chilled water system , comprising of 3x500kW Aqua EcoPro + optimised free cooling chiller units , to accommodate for the initial phase of the site opening . The EcoPro + units operate on R454B green refrigerant . Utilising integrated free cooling chillers drastically reduces the amount of time mechanical cooling is required , saving significantly on energy usage , carbon impact and wear and tear of components parts , in particular the compressor .
The Aqua EcoPro + units have an in-built , optimised , free cooling coil , resulting in a fully packaged solution . In addition , with an Aqua unit , free cooling is achievable at higher ambient temperatures than with any other brand on the market , making Aqua a suitable partner for Custodian and its ever-growing client base as it allows
for upgrades and additional capacity quickly and easily as needed , depending on customer needs .
The system installed at Custodian achieves all the benefits of a fresh air system but without the need for the costs and resources normally associated with air filtration and maintenance . Fixed humidity control enables precise temperature control , eliminates any guesswork and achieves total peace of mind . EC fans installed on-site maximise system efficiency even further , as well as achieving stable pressure control .
“ With the new DA2 Dartford site boasting a 10MW capacity , we needed a reliable cooling system that could handle the increased demands from the bigger site ,” said Callum Woodhouse , M & E Manager at Custodian Data Centres . “ Aqua ’ s bespoke energy-efficient systems and esteemed trusted experts means our customers ’
data remains protected and running at optimised efficiency . Its sustainability commitments align with our overall company goals in reducing our carbon footprint , while providing a cost-effective and reliable solution for our customers . As our customer base continues to grow and expand over time , this Aqua solution allows us to adapt to the additional demands , in a seamless and efficient way .”
A fully concurrent maintained pipework system is integral to the design , ensuring no single point of failure , something which is essential in the data centre industry . In fact , a part of the pipework can be removed without affecting the normal facility operations . N + 1 capability was built-in on the mechanical equipment , including fans , coils and pumps , this gives the facility full redundancy in the unlikely event that a fault should ever occur , DA2 can continue to operate while maintenance is undertaken . �
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