Intelligent Data Centres Issue 40 | Page 5

EDITOR ’ S NOTE ello and welcome to the latest

H edition of Intelligent Data Centres where we explore some of the trends and developments raising their head across the industry . We hear from a number of experts who offer their best practice advice on various hot topics of interest .

On the cover this month , we have Haitham Hussien , Senior Associate ELV / ICT Engineer , AE7 , who discusses his involvement in some major data centre projects , how sustainability plays a part in the design and operation of a data centre compared to some years ago , and how he works to ensure quality and construction of facility design standards . This can be found on page 47 .
Another interesting story in this issue comes from Vertiv , which surveyed 156 industry professionals with insight into their company ’ s Edge Computing plans . On page 17 , the survey sees the Edge component of total compute growing by 29 % while also revealing that sustainability is playing a major role in new and planned Edge deployments .
‘ Editor ’ s Question ’ on page 29 sees us ask industry experts what sustainability practices they ’ ve introduced into their business strategy to demonstrate a commitment to greener data centre operations . We received responses from David Watkins , Solutions Director for VIRTUS Data Centres ; Giancarlo Giacomello ,
Data Centre Technical Project Manager , Aruba Enterprise ; and Matt Edgley , Director , Teledata .
For one of this month ’ s features , we focus our attention on Africa and delve deeper into how the continent is accelerating its digital footprint by bolstering data centre connectivity . We explore how MainOne is enabling Africa ’ s digital economy by launching its MDXi Lekki II Data Centre . Similarly , Oracle has announced a new cloud region in Johannesburg to deliver superior performance , built-in security and high availability . Find this on page 44 .
‘ Uncovering the Layers ’ sees Herman Chan , President , Sunbird Software , explore the benefits of second-generation DCIM and tells us why data centre managers are leveraging it to help meet their corporate sustainability goals . Read about this in more detail on page 62 .
This month ’ s ‘ Deep Dive ’ comes from Peter Donnelly , Director of Products at ATTO Technology , who tells us how he landed in his role and how he likes to relax and unwind outside the office . Find this on page 66 .
I hope you enjoy the read and if you ’ d like to contribute to any upcoming editions , please do get in touch at alix @ lynchpinmedia . com
Alix Pressley Managing Editor www . intelligentdatacentres . com