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support its growth without the worry that the data centre operator would offer competitive backup or security services .
Proposed solution
Vitanium ’ s research led it to Custodian Data Centres which offered an awardwinning , energy-efficient and agile , mission-critical infrastructure platform that would perfectly accommodate its needs . Its in-house technical expertise , reputation for 99.9 % uptime and unwavering commitment to dynamic customer service meant Vitanium had found an ideal partner to help it realise its ambitions .
Further , as a leading colocation data centre provider , its ME2 facility was easily accessible , meaning the company ’ s engineers could avoid the costly and resource-intensive trips into the city . Moreover , with a demonstrable track record in supporting the needs of the managed services , financial services and public sectors , Custodian ’ s reputation and proven technological foundations would prove crucial as Vitanium scaled within its chosen customer industries .
“ The location of the data centre is essential to our business model , as are the technical capabilities of its in-house services team ,” said Paul Houselander , Technical Director , Vitanium . “ Custodian has always provided expert support exactly when we need it , underpinning our reputation for delivering advanced data backup and ransomware protection services .
“ The renewable energy and efficiency aspects of the facility were also impressive , meaning we could scale our IT infrastructure and do so with minimal impact on the environment . This , we believe , will be important for our customers going forward .”
The partnership with Custodian has delivered significant advantages for Vitanium , and from a purely technical perspective , the data centre operator has been able to directly support its growth , which has surged by 400 %.
The company ’ s technical team has also played a key role in helping Vitanium modernise and consolidate its storage infrastructure . From humble beginnings on 300GB storage arrays in 2003 , Custodian ’ s technical team has also played a key role in helping Vitanium continuously modernise and consolidate its storage infrastructure , with the latest installs using 18TB Helium drives to reduce its energy consumption and provide a more sustainable service . To put that into context , Custodian ’ s ME2 data centre uses five times less energy per kW of IT load than the average UK facility .
Coupled with the technical and sustainability advantages , Custodian
also delivered dynamic service support combined with seamless , always-on availability . Its expert remote hands team , for example , regularly saves Vitanium valuable travel time , on average six hours per round trip , depending on where Vitanium ’ s engineers are based and are on hand 24 hours a day to ensure service reliability when its needed most .
Custodian also played a critical advisory role in Vitanium ’ s MPLS / backhaul installation , which offered significant practical advantages in terms of network resilience and delivers a diverse , low latency and end-to-end connectivity solution , which will support Vitanium as it expands its services portfolio .
“ Over the next 12 – 18 months we believe we will see significant growth in cloudhosted services , Edge Computing , data backup and ransomware protection services ,” said Dave Bullock , Managing Director , Vitanium . “ We ’ ve recently launched our own Object Storage platform , which has a variety of use cases , especially in the protection of data against the latest cybersecurity threats such as ransomware . We ’ re also expanding our existing offers , providing BDR ( Backup and Disaster Recovery ) hardware to customers on a HaaS ( Hardware-as-a-Service ) model , which will be SLA-backed by our cloud offering . As such , our relationship with Custodian will prove vital as we continue to grow .” �
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