Intelligent Data Centres Issue 40 | Page 37

FEATURE the costs far outweighed the benefits . Connectivity was expensive , there was a lack of technical support and access to site became key issues almost immediately . Transporting expensive and vital equipment to the city-centre location had also become a drain on resources and Vitanium could see the strain that the London-based data centre was placing on its business .
Further , resilience , connectivity and service availability were fundamental to Vitanium ’ s business model and after experiencing a series of outages , cost increases and infrastructure challenges , the company chose to migrate its missioncritical hardware outside of London and identify new operators to work with .
After identifying a number of operators in the south-east of England , Vitanium shortlisted a series of potential partners that could provide it with a scalable , sustainable and cost-effective platform for growth .
Resilience , diverse network connectivity and energy efficiency would be crucial so that the company could minimise its overheads and CO2 emissions while delivering state-of-the-art ransomware and security services to its customers .
Paul Houselander , Technical Director , Vitanium
Further , with plans to scale its business in line with growing customer demands , Vitanium needed a partner that would www . intelligentdatacentres . com