Intelligent Data Centres Issue 35 | Page 35

atNorth required a customisable , robust and highquality containment solution that met its demands for performance and efficiency . Jóhann Þór Jónsson , atNorth ’ s Director Project Management and Business Development , tells us how Subzero Engineering ’ s Essential Plus + product line offered a vendorneutral , quick-to-deploy and flexible containment system which met atNorth ’ s business needs .

A consultative approach to high performance , sustainable , colocation services in the Nordics

atNorth is a leading Nordic data centre services organisation based in Reykjavik , Iceland . It offers environmentally responsible , power-efficient and cost-optimised data centre hosting facilities , with the capabilities to deliver High-Performance Computing ( HPC ) services .

By working with Subzero Engineering , a leading provider of data centre containment solutions , the company was able to standardise its approach to HPC colocation ; using a scalable , energy efficient and ultra-secure , fault-tolerant Cold Aisle Containment ( CAC ) methodology to replicate its sustainability and performance capabilities across multiple sites .
Customer background
atNorth is a leading Nordic data centre services company offering environmentally sustainable , powerefficient and cost-optimised data centre hosting facilities . Its Tier III , redundant design and its innovative ability to support rack densities ranging from 40kW – 100kW make it the perfect partner for organisations using High-Performance Computing ( HPC ) to solve some of the world ’ s most challenging problems .
With operations in Stockholm , Sweden and Reykjavik , Iceland , the company ’ s mission is to offer more compute for a better world , leveraging innovative data centre designs , power efficiency and intelligent clusters to support the disruptive technologies used by customers . This includes workloads that require High-Performance Computing ( HPC ) infrastructure , such as simulations , scientific calculations , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), deep learning and Blockchain applications .
At its Icelandic Thor DC and Mjölnir DC colocation campuses , the company continues to push the boundaries of Nordic data centres ; using 100 % renewable energy resources from hydropower and geothermal sources to power its facilities , which are optimised for ultra-energy efficiency , maximum reliability www . intelligentdatacentres . com