Intelligent Data Centres Issue 33 | Page 48

– signing off on zero carbon targets by 2030 , we are on a collision course between the huge growth of digital infrastructure and carbon footprint goals .
Another challenge is talent . With so much growth , finding the right talent and the right experience is not always easy . Adding automation to the data centre will help alleviate the resource challenges .
Can you tell us about your strategy for successful data centre innovation ?
Within the facility space , we ’ ve been mainly innovating in four areas . Making data centres scalable , flexible and deliverable in the shortest possible time – to do this we have been innovating with prefabricated and modular construction practices .
Innovation in the power train of the data centre is focused on making power more available , efficient and green .
High-efficient modular UPS coupled with LFP batteries , pre-integrated in Prefab Modules allows us to bring simplicity and efficiency to the data centre .
Cooling is the third area of our innovation . Cooling has undergone rapid changes in the last few years – driven by the density per cabinet . Cooling requirements in the Middle East are very different than that in Finland and Singapore .
So , we ’ re focused on bringing different cooling techniques for the right geography while making it efficient and converged . Finally , we ’ re bringing in our experience of cloud , AI and automation within the data centre space to improve resource utilisation .
So , these are the four directions within which we tend to focus on to improve availability of data centres , improve the cost performance of the data centre and , more importantly , improve the data centre across its life cycle .
How does Huawei play an integral role in supporting the Digital Transformation journey of the Middle East ?
There ’ s been a tremendous acceleration in Digital Transformation across the whole world and the Middle East is no different . In fact , not so long ago , a research survey revealed that almost 65 % of the CIOs in this area have brought forward their digital roadmaps by one year or more , and organisations are willing to spend more time in delivering on strategic mandates , converse technologies , data and business ecosystems . At the end of the day , this is what will drive the digital enterprise of the future .
Huawei cuts across all these domains within the Digital Transformation exercise . At our end , the strategy is to look at this whole element as an iterative process . On one hand , the transformation has become an industry consensus and the focus has shifted , not from whether or not to go
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