Intelligent Data Centres Issue 32 | Page 7

Panduit launches enterprise SmartZone Cloud DCIM Software

NEWS anduit has launched SmartZone Cloud Software , its enhanced


Azure cloud-based enterprise web application , that integrates power and environmental monitoring with cabinet access , asset tracking and connectivity management . Data centre managers , engineers , operators and customers can now monitor critical infrastructure resources and make informed decisions about capacity , changing environmental conditions and performance from any authorised device worldwide .
Maintaining real-time monitoring , dashboard visualisation , management and reporting of key attributes across assets , power , cooling and provisioning , as well as the physical infrastructure , is a vital step to aid data centre agility .
Panduit ’ s SmartZone Cloud DCIM solution offers unlimited users accurate , automated and centralised physical infrastructure visibility to help stakeholders achieve SLAs ( service-level agreements ). It tracks critical infrastructure resources and provides a single pane of glass , visual representation of rack and outlet level power management , rack access management , environmental monitoring and asset management .
The software is aligned with Panduit ’ s SmartZone G5 Intelligent PDUs to bring visual representation of rack-level power , environment and cabinet access .
In addition to floorplan layout and rack elevation , power path enables operators to identify single point of failure , reduce overprovisioning and clearly assess risk levels .

Racoon collocates at Telehouse to reimagine postproduction services

elehouse International Corporation of Europe has announced that Racoon , the post-production services

T start-up company , has collocated its entire technology stack within Telehouse ’ s London data centre , enabling it to deliver services to clients anywhere , anytime . can scale up instantly to accommodate any number of client requests . Production companies , broadcasters and streaming services can now all access post-production projects through one unified portal .

When selecting a data centre partner , Racoon required direct connections to its broadcaster customers , access to cloud services and the ability to scale IT quickly when needed . To facilitate this , Racoon has taken colocation space in Telehouse ’ s London campus , the most connected data centre in Europe .
Harry Pyant , Sales Manager , Telehouse , said : “ Broadcast , like most sectors , is changing radically and businesses are rethinking their IT framework to accommodate demand . Colocation is an important enabler of that change , providing the lean , modern infrastructure with rich connectivity . We ’ ve been able to equip Racoon with a secure environment where it and all its stakeholders can collaborate easily from any location .”
Racoon now has a lean infrastructure to deliver services in a sustainable , efficient way . Instead of multiple versions of avid editing suites in physical rooms with finite capacity , the company has one centralised version at Telehouse that it
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