Intelligent Data Centres Issue 18 - Page 60

SKILLS SPOTLIGHT CNET TRAINING OFFERS LEADING PROGRAM FOR ASPIRING DATA CENTRE PROFESSIONALS Online learning is becoming more accessible and thus, more popular in today’s digital age. Andrew Stevens, President and CEO of CNet Training, discusses the technical education provider’s leading Certified Data Centre Technician Professional (CDCTP) program, and what learners can expect to gain. Ensuring zero downtime within the mission critical data centre environment involves employing highly competent and confident technicians that consistently demonstrate unrivalled technical knowledge and skills. High-quality technicians are increasingly seen as a vital component to the smooth running of any data centre operation. Andrew Stevens, President and CEO of CNet Training, outlines the Certified Data Centre Technician Professional (CDCTP) program, a leading program across the industry for individuals wishing to acquire skills of the highest calibre in order to carry out their data centre related activities. Can you provide an overview of the Certified Data Centre Design Professional (CDCTP) program? The Certified Data Centre Technician Professional (CDCTP) program explores a wide range of subjects relevant to the data centre technician, including a detailed breakdown of the data centre operating environments and the four key constraints to its operational effectiveness (power, cooling, IT and space), the necessary operational policies, procedures and compliance based on legislation, standards (national and international) and codes of conduct. Also, during the program, learners will be offered a valuable opportunity to access the latest industry standards. What can learners expect to gain from the program? The five-day CDCTP program provides learners with the skills so they can foresee potential causes of failure honing an in-depth understanding of facility components and their operating parameters. In addition, technicians can identify, analyse and remedy problems as they occur, quickly, decisively and accurately, avoiding potential high-cost repairs and the risks associated with loss of service. A certified CDCTP will have the knowledge, expertise and skills that are considered essential in ensuring a data centre facility is operated and maintained to the highest possible standard. Who is the CDCTP designed for? The program is beneficial for individuals working within mission critical data centre facilities. Experience of working within a data centre environment is essential. If you would like to discuss your experience or suitability for this program, please contact the team and they will happily assess your experience and the program in more detail. Where do the CDCTP programs take place? The CDCTP is available internationally. It is currently available via live instructor-led 60 Issue 18