Intelligent Data Centres Issue 01 | Page 31

FEATURE A secure, cyber-resilient data centre is crucial to business continuity. We hear from industry experts about some of the key cyberthreats facing data centres, how these can best be mitigated against and a why BaaS is becoming even more critical. omport, an industry leader in business backup solutions, held a discussion about the top reasons that BaaS is critical for the security of data centres. With more sophisticated infrastructures creating more opportunities for security breaches, traditional backup may no longer be a viable solution. “The statistics all point to outsourced backup as the solution that protects against security breaches, insufficient backup testing and a lack of staff or resources,” stated Eric Young, Principal Cloud Architect of Comport. “Virtual infrastructures will only become more complex with more data to collect. The time to upgrade is now.” Comport outlined some of the reasons that it considers BaaS critical for data centre security. Protecting against cybertheft – Digital theft is becoming more of a trend, not less. As organisations grow, they become a more tempting target for cybercriminals, companies without a BaaS solution have more to lose than they can afford. Fines for data loss – Even if a traditional backup solution is successful at recovering some of the data lost after an incident, it may not be able to mitigate fines or damaging headlines. Inadequate protection of data can cost a company millions of dollars. Corrupted data – BaaS solutions combined with DRaaS are much more effective at bringing back data in a holistic way. Information loss is the number one cost component of recovering from a cyberattack. Issue 01 31