Intelligent Data Centres Issue 01 | Page 15

LATEST INTELLIGENCE PRESENTED BY IBM FLASHSYSTEM 9100: ACCELERATE DATA FOR THE MULTI-CLOUD ERA THE NVME-BASED FLASH ARRAY CORE OF A MODERN MULTI-CLOUD DATA CENTER Introduction Data is the heart of modern business, often determining a firm’s competitiveness in an increasingly digital economy. As a result, multiple industries are embarking on a massive effort known as Digital Transformation. According to ESG’s recent research on IT spending intentions, 86% of IT decision makers agree with the statement, “If we do not embrace Digital Transformation, we will be a less competitive and/or effective organisation.” they were just two years ago, with 41% of those decision makers citing higher data volumes as a cause. In addition, new digital initiatives such as analytics or the development of cutting-edge applications not only add to the data challenges, but also may siphon resources away from infrastructure management and support. As businesses work to improve their competitiveness, their data volumes increase enough to strain IT operations. In summary, IT is essential to business competitiveness, but as demands increase, IT resources can be spread thinner. To keep pace, IT organisations require a modern enterprise storage infrastructure, one that scales to meet the increased data demands while reducing the cost and complexity of infrastructure management. A total of 68% of IT decision makers surveyed by ESG reported that their IT environments are either more complex or significantly more complex than In other words, maximising data’s value requires an enterprise storage infrastructure designed to do more than simply store and protect. ◊ Issue 01 15