Intelligent Data Centres Issue 01 | Page 33

FEATURE supply does not match demand. It is important that data centres keep pace with the changing threat landscape and minimise the risks. Now is the time to ensure that data centres equip themselves with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and implement automation processes where the rate of identifying breaches is far higher. This will strengthen their threat detection capabilities, make them quicker to respond to threats and they will also be fortified with an analytical approach to cybersecurity. It helps in developing a far more effective, efficient and agile security posture with the added ability to forecast future threats. Service providers and end customers are investing heavily in SOC capabilities for creating an enhanced cyberdefence environment against security threats and vulnerabilities. Visibility into the networks and the integration of advanced visual dashboards will enable clarity in what is transpiring between devices, will identify current and possible attacks as well as ensure that compliance requirements are being met. Issue 01 33