Intelligent Data Centres Issue 07 | Page 60

SKILLS SPOTLIGHT EDUCATION THAT SUPPORTS REAL CAREER DEVELOPMENT Quality training and certifications offer added value to both individuals and the data centre industry overall. Andrew Stevens, CEO at CNet Training, discusses the importance of creating educational programs with a purpose to support real career paths with career progression opportunities. B eing the largest and longest- running training and education provider in the world dedicated to the data centre and network infrastructure sectors brings with it a lot of responsibility and exciting opportunities. Especially considering that the reliance on mission- critical facilities is only going to increase at an accelerating rate over the coming years, putting a lot more pressure and demand on the facilities and the teams that operate them. A data centre is only as good as the infrastructure around it and the teams within it, so it’s absolutely vital that the infrastructure is installed correctly initially and that the employees’ knowledge, skills and competency levels are sufficient and the teams feel confident that they can keep up with the increasing needs and demands on business. At CNet Training, we take education seriously and we remain the only sector 60 Issue 07 dedicated technical education provider in the world to award both internationally recognised qualifications and professional certifications, many of which are specified within tender documentation. The CNet team created the highly acclaimed Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework to showcase the full suite of technical education programs we offer throughout the data centre and network infrastructure sectors. The world-renowned framework has been created to offer sector professionals, at any point in their career, a detailed selection of programs that provide knowledge, skills, certifications and qualifications to aid personal development throughout the sectors. We wanted to design an easy to understand framework that could give sector professionals a pathway for them to further develop their knowledge and skills, move into specialist areas and gain the knowledge and confidence for future job roles and career progression. We are pleased to have educated over 65,000 individuals in 35 different countries and to 121 different nationalities. CNet’s programs aid the opportunity for real career development and the Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework offers a future education path of progression for industry professionals who can work through the framework from copper and fibre optic cable installation, A DATA CENTRE IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE INFRASTRUCTURE AROUND IT AND THE TEAMS WITHIN IT.