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To address the needs of an increasingly on-thego workforce , ServiceNow is introducing Mobile App Builder , allowing developers to rapidly build and configure engaging mobile apps for iOS and Android with a single intuitive interface , enhanced functionality and guided experiences .
The Now Platform Rome release also helps businesses across every industry solve issues fast and deliver better customer experiences , improving customer satisfaction and loyalty . The new Customer Service Playbooks : Focused Layout enhances the user experience and allows agents to resolve issues fast , so they can focus on key process tasks and data that drive better business outcomes .
Can you share any examples of this technology in action and the benefits realised ?
A good example of a customer that ’ s using our technology is Mercedes Benz . They have been looking at using our platform for driving Digital Transformation and digitising processes that span the enterprise . They ’ ve realised how important it is to focus on user experience and they want to make sure that there is this centralised portal for their employees to go to .
When we spoke with them , they were saying that the Employee Center will help take them to that next level and allow employees to consume all those digitised processes and services from that single view , which means they ’ re not wasting time getting work done .
What are the business benefits of investing in technology that prioritises people ?
I always say it ’ s not technology that drives innovation , it ’ s people who have brilliant ideas and they leverage technology for innovative solutions .
If you start with technology , you ’ re constrained by what exists today , as opposed to thinking about what you need it to do , how to make it work in order to meet whatever that outcome is .
If you can enable people to be at their best , take away the pain in getting some of the everyday work done and augment some of their work through automation , then those people are actually going to be more productive , drive more value and be more innovative .
There are so many studies that show that when people can be at their best , there ’ s a direct correlation with the performance of your business . I think we ’ re making sure we can meet you in the channel of your choice in the way that you like to work in an efficient and productive way . That means you ’ re going to get the very best out of your employees .
What does the workplace of the future look like and how should enterprises be preparing for that ?
When we think about the workplace , we ’ re going to think about the purpose of going into work and having a meeting , for example .
Nerys Mutlow , Evangelist in the Chief Innovation Office , EMEA , ServiceNow
They can focus their time on those value-add activities or come up with new car designs or servicing the end customer .
If you ’ re having an innovation session and you ’ re wanting to bounce ideas off each other and throw things up on the wall then there are great digital tools but , perhaps , it ’ s better in person .
We ’ re seeing people be quite mindful of coming into the office for a specific purpose and working at home for more focus type activities .
The challenge though , in this hybrid world , is catering to true hybrid working .
Even in the physical workplace we need to consider how we can use digital tools so that we ’ re truly inclusive so that if you are joining that innovation session , you can join in remotely if you ’ re unable to be physically present .
We need to be mindful always that any experience , any way of working , needs to be able to work for both hybrid or remote and in the office . x
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