Intelligent CXO Issue 6 - Page 67

BUSINESS INSIGHTS are now all remote or a hybrid of the two . Across all those industries , there is a common theme around the fact that it is a hybrid world . Being able to cater for the many different industries , workplaces , locations and personal preferences is something that ’ s a bit of a challenge for organisations today .
How has the move to a hybrid workplace impacted enterprises and , importantly , their employees ?
There ’ s a need to keep employees connected to enable them to be productive and that was very front of mind on day one . How do we give people the tools and technologies they need and how do we stay connected to those people , keeping the great cultures that we ’ ve been creating in the workplace , but really move that into that remote world ?
Microsoft Teams , for example , has been a great platform to connect and collaborate with and we think it ’ s important to embed ServiceNow native capability into it . This is our Employee Center , which is that one-stop shop for getting access to services you need , binding information that ’ s relevant to you , raising requests for things and getting pushed tasks that are relevant to you .
That has to be contextual and personalised because people have become quite frazzled over the last 18 months .
At ServiceNow we ’ re trying to make it as seamless and frictionless as possible . One example is onboarding which is a big transition . How can we make that a really great experience in the hybrid world and in the physical world ? The best people to really drive that type of experience are the employees themselves , like the HR department , as they hear feedback from the new hires and are now empowered with the tools to build out new workflows to continually improve those journeys .
Employee experience and employee productivity are big challenges and ones that we ’ ve stepped up to . For us it ’ s about working smarter , not necessarily harder .
Why is it so important that enterprises invest in digital experiences for their employees ?
If you think about the workplace today , there are now five generations of people . Whether you ’ re in Gen Z , or in your 60s or 70s , we all expect a really good experience because we get that in our consumer life .
When you need to get a new mobile phone or do your shopping , you do it online , speak with a virtual agent and self-serve . When everything else fails you might pick up the phone and speak to somebody and we expect a really seamless , minimal click , personalised experience . We ’ re taking that model and applying that to the enterprise .
Everybody wants that good experience because there ’ s always going to be another company that does it better . If you can ’ t give your employees a good experience and enable them to be at their most brilliant , then they ’ re going to go and find a company where they can and that company could be your competitor .
Can you talk us through ServiceNow ’ s Rome release , highlighting some of the gaps in the market that it addresses and what customers can expect ?
Employee Center serves as the digital command centre for the hybrid workforce . It provides a single , connected interface for employees to quickly and easily find personalised information , complete tasks , get help and request services across departments – including IT , HR , facilities , procurement and legal – all in one place .
Organisations can easily curate information and services into dynamic , personalised topic pages that make it easy for employees to find the answers they need .
Employee Journey Management guides employees through the moments that matter with connected experiences for crossdepartmental journeys like onboarding , work transitions and offboarding . It also empowers HR teams and managers to personalise resources , plans and needs – all on the same platform .
Automation Discovery identifies the top 10 opportunities for automating work from more than 180 topics with ServiceNow applications , such as Virtual Agent , Auto Routing and Agent Assist .
Health Log Analytics Enhancements helps detect issues before they occur and impact users , as well as automates issue resolution , by using ITOM Predictive AIOps . This extends ServiceNow ITOM Predictive AIOps – previously launched with the Now Platform Quebec release – and is built on Loom Systems ’ innovative technology . www . intelligentcxo . com