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Many modern organisations are now operating with a hybrid workplace model . While there are many benefits to this approach , there are also challenges – particularly when it comes to providing a positive employee experience . We hear from Nerys Mutlow , Evangelist , Chief Innovation Office , ServiceNow , about the company ’ s latest innovations and how it is delivering on its aim to make work , work better for people .

ServiceNow , a leading digital workflow company , has announced its Now Platform Rome release .

The latest version of the Now Platform delivers hundreds of innovations designed to empower organisations to adapt to the hybrid work era – evolving business models , managing the employee fatigue crisis and scaling automation and app development across the enterprise .
What does a typical workplace look like for today ’ s enterprises ?
The typical workplace is very different across different industries . There are those such as retail and healthcare where many employees have remained at the frontline , so that typical workplace hasn ’ t really changed from an environment perspective , although they have faced the added complication of workplace safety .
Intelligent CXO spoke to Nerys Mutlow , Evangelist , Chief Innovation Office , ServiceNow , about how the platform aims to deliver a seamless experience that keeps employees engaged and productive .
Then we have the remote , hybrid workplace . Overnight , so many of us who came into the office ended up working from home full-time . Places like contact centres where there used to be huge amounts of people in a single building
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