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Coursera has announced the launch of its new Leadership Academy to help companies develop the next generation of leaders and highperformance teams amid a rapidly changing workplace , remote work and back-to-office transitions .

Offered as part of the company ’ s enterprise platform , Coursera for Business , the academy will feature content from the world ’ s top universities and companies – taught by many leading instructors . Coursera ’ s growing portfolio of academies includes the Data and Analytics Academy , Cloud and IT Academy , Software Engineering Academy , Marketing Academy , Finance Academy and now Leadership Academy .
The academies are powered by recent innovations such as SkillSets , which help employees develop specific skills for specific roles . The Leadership Academy features 42
SkillSets , including emotional intelligence , interpersonal skills , change management and organisational development .
The Leadership Academy prepares employees for a range of different leadership roles by learning to :
• Lead Yourself . Enable employees to develop leadership behaviours by obtaining a foundational understanding of management , change and human skills .
• Lead Teams . Develop team leadership capabilities by strengthening change , recognition , people development and collaboration skills .
• Lead Organisations . Build organisational leadership capabilities that empower leaders to grow people and profits .
• Lead Transformation . Develop workforce capabilities that empower all employees to adapt , innovate and transform the business .
Anthony Tattersall , VP of EMEA , Coursera , said : “ The UAE is a regional business hub . Strong leadership is fundamental to its vision . The country ranks first in the MENA region and second globally in overall business skills , according to our latest global skills report .
“ We are excited to launch the Leadership Academy , which will further support UAE businesses in identifying leadership roles , assessing current gaps and developing this talent pool of leaders with world-class content and learning .”
The Leadership Academy will become broadly available to all Coursera for Business customers .
Coursera for Business provides more than 2,000 companies worldwide with role-based skills development , including hands-on learning , measurement , benchmarking and analytics .
Enterprise cloud data management company , Informatica , is among the first to embrace the Leadership Academy .
Matt Dearmon , Director of Leadership and Professional Development , Informatica , added : “ The notion that great leaders are born , not made , is misleading .
“ An important part of leadership development is the realisation that there are component skills that can be learned and mastered ,
“ As the world keeps changing , we need to support leaders at every level of our organisations with the types of targeted , reliable skills that form the basis of the Leadership Academy .
“ We ’ re excited to leverage this Academy to help deliver skills-focused leadership training that is both scalable and personalised to the needs of the learner . We can meet them where they are and help take them where they want to be .” x
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