Intelligent CXO Issue 6 - Page 46

with my passion for innovation and making a better world for our society through technology .
How do you equip your staff with skills and knowledge ?
In this industry , we are all learning all the time . I enjoy sharing my knowledge with colleagues , as well as learning from them in return . We offer continuous training programmes to all employees , enabling them to grow and develop in the business .
It is also key to note that , to fully understand and advise customers on our solutions , Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise employees are the first users of all our solutions . We rely on the products we take to market every day to complete our own business critical tasks and thereby become experts in the intricacies of these solutions .
How do you work with other executives within the C-suite to make sure your voice is heard ?
I feel that working successfully with others comes down to being available and supportive , whether that interaction is with a C-suite executive or otherwise . Once again , listening is the key to being heard .
How do you ensure different teams in your organisation work together ?
We have employed an exceptionally diverse international workforce for decades . Particular focus has been placed on empowerment since 2013 with our diversity and inclusion programme , Toget ’ her .
As a company , we began our Digital Transformation journey many years ago . Today , we are connected to collaborate with our teams around the world and are reaping real benefits in terms of productivity , creativity and communication . That is why we are so passionate about enabling other organisations to do the same .
I believe that listening is key to being heard . I carry this ethos through all my interactions , whether I am working with C-suite executives or any other business stakeholder .
This is of course of critical importance for working successfully with our customers . Real customer satisfaction comes through being attentive to their needs and expectations , not just during the initial phase of the relationship ( pre-sales and sales ); it is about really taking care of our customers throughout the entire journey . This means being serious about our promises and delivering on our commitments .
The past 18 months have shown that remote working solutions provide a great platform for collaboration which is uninhibited by geographical location . When the health crisis struck in early 2020 , we were able to move our teams to be fully operational remotely within days .
Our customer centric ethos is the main driver in helping focus multifunctional teams on the same goal – working with our global partner network to help drive customer success . You may say that in this sense every department in the company understands how they work hand in hand to support sales to this end . x
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