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Tell us more about your business and how it started .
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise , as a business , is over 100 years old . In 1919 , an entrepreneur called Aaron Weil had the vision to start a company in the Alsace region in Eastern France called Le Téléphone Privé ( meaning private telephone ). Over the past century , this company has been enriched by several mergers and corporate expansion , consistently developing innovative technology to become the enterprise it is today .
By leveraging its considerable experience and unique verticalised business model with a real passion for innovation , Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has stayed at the forefront of the industry gamechanges including the growth of digital , the cloud and the rise of the Internet of Things ( IoT ).
How has the business grown since it started and how did you ensure growth ?
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has become a trusted advisor to more than a million customers around the world . These businesses can leverage our tailored digital-age networking , communications and cloud solutions to their specific needs . We offer a range of secured and certified solutions with an innovative ‘ as-a- Service ’ model to help enterprises move at their unique speed from CAPEX to OPEX-based operations .
We work with our ecosystem of 3,400 business partners worldwide . Partners promote our solutions and services in key industries , providing critical proximity with our customers . This allows us to achieve an effective global reach with a local focus .
Rukmini Glanard , Executive Vice President , Global Sales , Service and Marketing at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
Being bold and welcoming change is key to business growth ; Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise thrives in the ever-changing technology landscape .
Our verticalised model with our capability to customise solutions to meet industry requirements , differentiates Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise from competitors in the market .
Growth has been driven by our consistent reliability and customer-centric ethos , placing our customers and their needs at the heart of everything that we do .
“ I am fortunate to have witnessed the birth of the cloud and have enjoyed working with cloud solutions ever since .”
For centuries , businesses have been at the forefront of change . Recently , industries have had to adapt and digitalise , in line with rising consumer demand and the impact of COVID-19 . Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is meeting those demands by delivering digital-age networking , communication and cloud solutions to companies around the world . Rukmini Glanard , Executive Vice President , Global Sales , Service and Marketing at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise , tells Intelligent CXO more about the company ’ s beginnings and its exponential growth since then .
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