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Finally , the big trigger for serious growth was around our product offering . Our product line had been very much about user experience but we were finding the value offered to clients was diminishing . What was of more value was employee experience , which is a wider topic .
What ’ s the business ’ approach to management ?
Collaborative and supportive . One thing that has helped us keep on track is that we are very clear on company strategy and goals ; at any one time , we have a set of five or six ‘ critical success factors ’ which determine the priorities of the company .
We all know the direction we ’ re pulling in and how departments working together , rather in silos , will achieve some of those goals , whether that ’ s revenue growth , product diversification / innovation , customer retention and so on . We are very transparent with the management team and whole company about how we are doing , even publicising stats on ‘ cash in the bank ’ so everyone has some sense of responsibility to the finances of the business . This openness creates an atmosphere where we are all pulling together to achieve a common goal .
that your employees are your most important customers – so treat them like consumers .
Business systems have historically been viewed as dusty and unexciting but we ’ re constantly working to bring the same excitement you see with a shiny new iPhone app into business systems . I get a slick experience when looking at my mobile bank statement , why not the same when looking at my total reward statement ? Booking a holiday on a phone is simple ; why should it be any different requesting a holiday from your manager ? And so on .
What kind of clients and market do you serve ?
Ninety-five percent of our customers are in the UK , US and Middle East . Our clients are medium size clients up to enterprise level . Across our customer base , the average number of workers is around 9,000 and our largest customers have over 100,000 workers . We serve all verticals although tend to have had a lot of success in organisations that have many non-desk-based workers , for example , retail clients like Estee Lauder , utilities like Scottish Power or hospitality / tourism like National Trust .
Ivan Harding , CEO and Co-Founder of Applaud
What is your company ’ s vision and goal ?
We are all about bringing consumer technology experiences into the workplace . We evangelise
The traditional way of delivering HR services to the workforce has been through desktop PCs and our mobile offering has been a key differentiator for companies that have workers who don ’ t have easy access to corporate systems .
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