Intelligent CXO Issue 6 | Page 29

FEATURE bigger picture and ensure everyone is equipped to play their role in delivering this . What ’ s more , they themselves role model the behaviours they expect from their people .
They also show depth of purpose and EQ by looking after their employees , customers , clients , communities and stakeholders . This creates a stronger sense of team and galvanises employees around a bigger purpose – in both good times and bad . strengths here , while only 50 – 60 % demonstrate core strengths on the ‘ human ’ side .
And we ’ ve gathered a wealth of data that takes this argument further : not only are many in positions of influence emotionally isolated from their teams , they ’ re also poor at delivering critical drivers of employee engagement .
The human element
Despite the proven success of a balanced leadership model , it ’ s still common for leaders to take on a work persona that ’ s at odds with a compassionate , communicative human approach .
Our research shows that traditional leaders are much stronger on the ‘ harder ’ side of the framework : around 70 – 80 % show their
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