Intelligent CXO Issue 6 - Page 27

BUSINESS STRATEGY unpredictable costs are inflicted . When do you take the hit and when do you pass them on to the customer ? Around January and February , the cost of distribution tripled – a cost that was no-one ’ s fault but which needed to be covered . Though a difficult situation , through open conversations with our customers , we were able to come to an agreement about how to deal with the extra costs , ensuring no side was unnecessarily burdened in the long run . Having an on-going , open and transparent relationship with our customers enabled us to have these conversations fairly and as equals , further emphasising the importance of adopting a customer-centric approach to business , whichever industry you are in .
Looking ahead
Between COVID-19 and Brexit , it has been a challenging couple of years for all British businesses operating internationally . There may be another hurdle waiting around the corner ; although I hope that we are over the worst of the challenges for some time . These trials and tribulations are entirely unpredictable , and no one expects anyone to have all the answers , so don ’ t pretend you do . At Citrefine , along with every other business in the UK , we had no prior experience of Brexit , but what we could rely on was our expert knowledge of our business and pre-existing strong relationships with our customers as well as our well-resourced and flexible team . These factors enable us to continue to meet and exceed our customers ’ and suppliers ’ expectations , while achieving our vision of serving the insect repellent market , providing a highly effective product that combines nature ’ s wisdom with robust scientific testing . x
Jacqueline Watson , Citrefine ’ s Managing Director www . intelligentcxo . com