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Darktrace expands in Australia as demand for Self-Learning AI surges

Darktrace , a global leader in cybersecurity AI , has announced that its Australian business has grown significantly over the past year as more organisations have adopted an AI-driven approach to cyberdefence .

technology is self-learning , it constantly revises its understanding of what is ‘ normal ’ for our organisation , making us confident that even the most novel and sophisticated attacks will be spotted and instantly stopped – wherever they strike .”
The number of Darktrace customers in Australia has grown by over 60 % in the last 12 months across all industry sectors . Customers include Steadfast Group , WIN Corporation , Girton Grammar School , Holman Webb Lawyers and Chemist Warehouse Australia . In addition , Darktrace ’ s employee headcount across its offices in Sydney , Melbourne and Perth has doubled in the same time period .
Powered by Self-Learning AI , Darktrace ’ s technology is capable of interrupting cyberattacks in real-time , by learning the normal ‘ pattern of life ’ for an organisation . The AI works by identifying the emerging signs of a cyberthreat and taking targeted action to stop the disruption .
“ During a challenging period of rapid digital change and attacker innovation , Darktrace ’ s ability to detect and respond to cyberthreats across our entire digital business has been a fundamental game changer for our organisation ,” said Nathan Hillery , Chief Information Officer , Steadfast Group . “ Because the

Revolut launches Payday to help employees access wages early and improve their financial wellbeing

Revolut has announced the launch of

Payday , its new earned wage access product that gives employees the power to instantly access a portion of their salary as they earn it . Payday is easy to use , cost-free for employers and gives employees more control and flexibility over their finances .
As part of the initial launch , Revolut is partnering with UK employers to let employees withdraw a percentage of their income in the month for a small , flat fee . Revolut ’ s platform and app will plug into an employer ' s payroll system , allowing employees to draw down part of their wages earlier in the month .
Customers will be able to view their available accrued earnings and select the amount that they want to withdraw directly into their main account , helping employees to access their salaries earlier in
the month to cover expenses or necessary costs and avoid getting into debt .
Payday has no impact on an employee ’ s credit score and provides them with a lower cost alternative to credit cards or payday loans that they might otherwise rely on to help with any cash flow problems .
Nik Storonsky , Founder and CEO at Revolut , said : “ We believe in the importance of making financial wellbeing accessible to all , and this includes focusing on the impact of financial stability on employees ’ mental health . After the difficulties of the past year , the last thing employees need now is financial uncertainty and stress .” x
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