Intelligent CXO Issue 03 | Page 7


Near one in five employees have missed a call by pretending devices are updating

Fifteen percent of employees in South Africa confirmed that they have pretended their devices were installing updates so they would not have to attend a call or meeting . This excuse is plausible because software updates can disrupt workdays , with one third ( 34 %) of employees saying they have been late to a call because of updates . These are the findings of a recent study commissioned by Kaspersky to explore workers ’ attitudes and habits toward updates .

Frequent meetings are often seen as one of the most unpleasant things in the office routine . The transition to remote work and virtual meetings hasn ’ t helped the issue , as people experienced fatigue from video calls and felt more tired at the end of the working day . As the recent Kaspersky research shows , some employees found an excuse to skip some of their calls – they pretended that their work devices were unavailable due to updates .
Their colleagues may believe the deception , as they could relate to the experience of needing to update a device themselves . In addition to missed appointments , 39 % of employees locally have lost part of their unsaved work or data when their PC or laptop restarted after installing updates .
All in all , some employees see this device downtime as an opportunity to procrastinate , with 19 % of respondents admitting that they have installed updates to deliberately waste time at work . Nevertheless , employees mostly don ’ t like it when their work is interrupted , so 73 % wish updates happened outside of work hours to maintain their productivity .

ServiceNow opens new Middle East and Africa office in Dubai

ServiceNow , a leading digital workflow company that makes work , work better for people , has announced the opening of a new office in Dubai Internet City ( DIC ), Dubai .

The company ’ s expansion is fuelled by its industry strength as a platform company of choice for digital businesses .
Its flagship modern enterprise workflow solution is designed to unlock optimal productivity and deliver exceptional employee and customer experiences .
Mark Ackerman , Area Vice President for the Middle East and Africa ( MEA ) at ServiceNow , sees 2021 as a pivotal time for the region . The wave of Digital Transformation spurred by the Coronavirus pandemic has led to a trend among regional enterprises of reducing complexity , increasing agility , cutting costs and delivering stronger governance and compliance . Regional organisations are switching to platform architectures to achieve these goals .
According to the December 2020 IDC META CIO DX survey , 57 % of CIOs considered workflow management applications a priority for the future of work , and 45 % prioritised the enhancement of customer journeys .
In 2020 , ServiceNow reinforced its global credentials as a market leader , significantly beating expectations .
Last year , the company surpassed US $ 4.5 billion in total revenues and it is now establishing strong momentum for 2021 with US $ 1,293 million in subscription revenues for Q1 , a 30 % year on year growth .
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