Intelligent CXO Issue 03 | Page 41


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought climate change into the world ’ s focus more than ever before . The lockdown restrictions resulted in a 7 % drop in global greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 but it is predicted that emissions would rebound in 2021 . James Petter , International VP , Pure Storage , explains how enterprises should actively choose sustainability as an immediate priority , not just for a competitive advantage but also for the planet ’ s health .

The changes of the last year have taught us important lessons . One of the most valuable is how much we took for granted , and just how vulnerable our perceived ‘ givens ’ really are . Most , if not all of us , are now more cognisant of our physical and mental health and how important it is to have a strong support network to lean on .

But the pandemic also reinvigorated the debate on climate change and the impact that many of our progresses are having on the environment . According to a recent report , driven in large part by lockdowns and other COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 , we saw a 7 % drop in global greenhouses gas emissions over 2020 . But the same article warned that emissions would rebound by 2021 .
Just how we go about building a sustainable future is perhaps one of the greatest challenges ( or opportunities ) of our times . Technology companies will play a huge part in any sustainable future we build . Governments and businesses alike must plan with a long-term view . We have to implement innovative solutions to ensure sustainable energy consumption without compromising on performance .


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