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Swiss technology provider ALSO expands to the UK

Switzerland-based , ALSO Group , one of Europe ’ s biggest technology providers , is expanding its operations in the UK , offering direct access to its ALSO Cloud Marketplace ( ACMP ) platform . The ALSO Cloud platform not only connects over 100 vendors including Microsoft , Adobe , Dropbox and IBM with resellers , it also automates the processes for renewing subscriptions , managing , upgrading and invoicing licences according to the changing needs of customers . As a result , resellers can improve service quality , boost efficiency and reduce costs for both themselves and their customers . collaboration with partners . It has been built from the ground up for the specific needs of channel partners , including easy onboarding , intuitive usage and white-labelling .

“ Resellers in the UK don ’ t want to incur high costs and put up with time-consuming inefficiencies when managing IT licences and provisioning managed services for their customers ,” explained Mark Appleton , Chief Customer Officer at ALSO Cloud UK . “ The ALSO Cloud Marketplace meets this pressing need – it provides ICT resellers with an unprecedented level of automation . Its subscription renewal feature enables them to align the end-dates of customer subscriptions as a way to automate and streamline the entire renewal process . This improves efficiency for the reseller , increases transparency for their customers , descreased churn and reduces costs as well .”
Unlike competitive offerings from other providers , the ACMP is entirely proprietary and has been developed in-house in close

Almost 80 % of UK businesses pay men more than women

Eight out of ten UK businesses pay men more than women , with a national wage difference of 9.4 %, according to research conducted by the BBC .

The wage difference , based on the difference in pay between the middle-ranking woman and the middle-ranking man , remains the same level as five years ago , at almost 10 %, despite the many efforts to promote gender equality in the business sphere .
Sheila Flavell CBE , Chief Operating Officer for FDM Group , said : “ Talk and pledges are one thing , but it is clear that not enough action is being taken to address gender pay gap issues in the workplace as well as opportunities for progression , particularly into senior positions . It is important to acknowledge that solving the gender pay gap will not happen overnight , but with a dedicated approach to diversity , equity and inclusion , businesses can close the gap over the next five years and avoid a repeat of these figures .”
The largest difference surfaced from the banking and finance industries , where women earn on average 22 % less than their male colleagues and only saw the gap lessen by 0.5 % over the past five years .
The data comes from 13,992 employers publishing their gender pay gap figures online in a government initiative to make companies more transparent around pay .
Major corporations , such as easyJet , Lloyds Bank and Savills , were identified as the main culprits for the difference as they appeared to set unambitious targets for getting women into senior positions .
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