Intelligent CXO Issue 25 | Page 68

to do business in than others , due to factors such as political instability , corruption and lack of infrastructure .
Another challenge in the Middle East and Africa is the competition from local businesses . There are also many local businesses that have a deep understanding of the local market and regulatory environment that companies expanding into this region need to compete with .
These local providers can often offer more customised services to their clients , which can be an advantage in a market where relationships and personal connections are important .
Despite these challenges , there are many opportunities in the Middle East and Africa . The region is home to many emerging markets that offer significant growth opportunities , particularly in sectors such as construction , healthcare and tourism . In addition ,
the trend towards remote work is likely to continue , which will create new opportunities for companies that can manage their distributed workforce .
Many of these challenges can be avoided by partnering with an EOR like Atlas , as evidenced by the way EORs are growing alongside local economies and business expansion into the region .
Final thoughts
EORs are set to change the game in the Middle East and Africa as they continue to play a critical role in business expansion in the region . Every company wants to stay one step ahead of its competitors , enter new markets , hire top talent and stay compliant with local laws in today ’ s borderless economy .
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