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Analog Devices is a multinational semiconductor leader that bridges the physical and digital worlds to enable breakthroughs at the Intelligent Edge . Shalini Palmer , Corporate Vice President EMEA , Analog Devices , talked to us about her current job role and where the major areas of investment are in her industry .


Describe your current job role .
I ’ m Corporate Vice President for the EMEA market at Analog Devices ( ADI ). I oversee sales professionals , engineers and technologists . ADI is a multinational semiconductor leader
that bridges the physical and digital worlds to enable breakthroughs at the Intelligent Edge . ADI combines analog , digital and software technologies into solutions that help drive advancements in digitised factories , mobility and digital healthcare , combat climate change and reliably connect humans and the world .
I often deal directly with customers , of which we have over 100,000 globally , to ensure we ’ re delivering solutions perfectly designed to address their toughest challenges . This might be easy-tointegrate electric vehicle battery management systems , sensor technology to boost productivity on factory floors or reducing power usage in network radio unit base towers . on the challenge in 2021 , I considered it my opportunity to strengthen the business arm and ensure we were working to establish ADI as a leading technology provider within the automotive industry . During this time , I was promoted to Vice President of Sales for the automotive , communications and consumer business across EMEA .
The transformation involved finding and hiring new talent , redeploying skills and connecting with the business units to ensure strong alignment across teams . As a result of these strategic decisions , the business thrived on a solid growth path . My approach drove strong regional growth for the company , securing US $ 3 billion lifetime revenue in new business and doubling the pipeline .
What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position ?
While based in the London office , I frequently travel to visit clients and regional offices around Europe . My day-to-day focus is on building strong customer relationships , fostering collaboration with partners , nurturing the talented people in my teams and using market insight at the EMEA level to strategise for future growth .
What would you describe as your most memorable achievement ?
Re-invigorating the automotive team at Analog Devices is definitely on the list . When I took
I have an eye for identifying gaps in teams and mentoring people as they develop the skills to fill those gaps . Equality is also central to my philosophy . I ’ m the European Diversity and Inclusion Lead and a founding member of the Analog Devices Women ’ s Network .
To deliver meaningful opportunities for lessrepresented groups , I ’ ve also advocated setting up a student internship scheme and retooling the hiring process to be more inclusive . In recent years , I ’ ve mentored and sponsored many people as they grew within their careers . www . intelligentcxo . com