Intelligent CXO Issue 25 | Page 37


Programming among the most desirable skills for future prospects , according to UK students

A survey carried out across six European countries has revealed what children and parents think of the education system in their own respective countries . The results show that pupils are inspired by new technologies and want their learning to extend beyond the four walls of the classroom . There is also a desire to learn coding instead of maths and science which has the potential to create a generation of leading tech talent .

A new report shows that 35 % of students in the UK would prefer to study coding over traditional subjects , as the UK education system has the potential to create a generation of tech talent . The GoStudent Future of Education Report 2023 found that children are increasingly interested in learning ‘ non-traditional ’ subjects , with technology-focused skills leading the way as the most appealing – half of all students want to learn video game programming and Artificial Intelligence ( AI ).

Parents are also recognising the need for teaching technology-focused skills that will benefit their children in later life . Eighty-one percent of parents agree that technology development , such as AI or Virtual Reality ( VR ), should be taught in schools and 76 % say coding should be a key feature on the curriculum , compared to an average of only 69 % of parents across Europe .
The data , gathered by online tutoring provider , GoStudent , surveyed over 6,000 parents , guardians and their children across six European countries – Austria , Germany , France , Spain , Italy and the United Kingdom – to find out what they think about the current education system and what they would like to change for the future . Technology came out as a top priority , from a skills and career perspective .
The findings highlight the need for investment to capitalise on the teaching and use of technology in UK classrooms . Despite the subject being a priority for students and parents , the study raises concerns whether investment in teacher resources , training and development has kept pace with fast-moving technology changes since the pandemic . Only half ( 52 %) of students are confident in their teachers ability with tech in the classroom . www . intelligentcxo . com