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OAP job market boom with more joining the workforce in 2022 than the year before

New data reveals that 2022 saw a surge in ‘ silver workers ’ – employees aged 65 and above – entering the UK workforce .

Over the course of 2022 , the number of over 65s in the job market increased by 75,000 , according to analysis by HR and psychometric testing consultancy , Wilford Scholes .
The 75,000 increase in the number of pensioners in fulltime employment over the course of 2022 represents a staggering seven-fold jump on 2021 ’ s net increase in over 65 employees . Comparatively , over the course of 2021 the number of older workers grew by just 9,000 .
In 2022 , there was an average of 1.36 million over 65s in work at any given point , compared to a lower average of 1.31 million in 2021 and an even lower 1.24 million pre-pandemic in 2019 .
As the job market recovers from the shock of the pandemic over the last few years , younger workers too are increasingly turning to full-time employment . 2022 saw an additional 169,000 Gen Z employees – currently aged 18 to 24 – join the workforce over the course of the last 12 months .
At any given point in 2022 , there was an average of 3.36 million 18 – 24-year-old employees – the first uptick in the number of 18 – 24-year-olds in the workforce since a sustained dip from 2016 onwards . This could indicate an upward trajectory in the number of 18 – 24-year-olds getting jobs and entering the workforce in the coming months and years .

New study reveals the most popular stock trading podcasts

new study reveals the most popular stock trading podcasts ,

A with InvestED taking the top spot as the most popular .

The trading world has seen an ever-growing amount of interest over the past few years ; worldwide searches for ‘ how to get into trading ’ increased 178 %, and searches for ‘ trading tips ’ have seen a 195 % increase over the past five years .
Searches for ‘ stock trading tips ’ have increased by 204 % worldwide over the past five years , proving how many people worldwide are interested in delving into the trading world . With the rise in popularity for podcasts skyrocketing over the past few years too , research was conducted to see which trading podcasts are the most popular .
The research conducted by UK financial services provider , CMC Markets , explored Google search data by examining the average number of monthly searches for the top stock and trading podcasts , which resulted in a ranking of the most popular stock and trading podcasts .
The most popular podcast in the rankings is InvestED , hosted by three-time New York Times best-selling author and hedge fund manager , Phil Town , and his daughter , Danielle . The pair give advice and cast a light on the best investment strategies used by some of the most influential investors in the world .
Stretching over 400 episodes , the father-daughter duo dominates the stock and trading podcast space , with fans worldwide tuning in to hear their advice . Searches for ‘ InvestED podcast ’ average at 1,600 searches per month worldwide .
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