Intelligent CXO Issue 23 | Page 35

BUSINESS PROFILE issues around customer experience to specialist partners , and there aren ’ t many businesses like ours that can partner with them across all markets and languages and accompany them in their growth and transformation . Coming back to the founder mentality , we have a programme called The Nest , focused on helping start-ups scale and improve their CX operations , which to many other outsourcing businesses would seem an insignificant mission . It ' s our passion to help smaller businesses scale .
We ’ re at a size and scale where we receive a lot of requests from prospective clients . We ’ re at the point now where we only work with clients with whom we share a strong cultural fit . Webhelp is a strategic partner , not just a supplier , so we want to work with those who can also buy-in to our mission and aims – a true synergy , creating great outcomes .
What has your career looked like so far ?
Benjamin Faes , CEO of the UK region , Webhelp
What kind of clients and market do you serve ?
We work across most sectors , including but not limited to , automotive , retail , financial services , travel , hi-tech , fashion , telecoms and healthcare . Now in over 60 countries , we are serving over 1,350 brands every day . Two decades in , we maintain our agility , disruptive mindset and the ambition of being the biggest start-up in the world .
I started off in marketing at L ’ Oréal before moving to AOL where I helped build , from scratch , the ad sales and content divisions . I became CEO of AOL France to transform the business from an Internet provider to a major media player and a leader in digital advertising and sales .
I was approached by Google to launch its young YouTube business across Europe , helping to transform how future generations would
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