Intelligent CXO Issue 23 | Page 32

Lorraine Wilkinson , Vice President , Sales UK , Equinix
Do you feel that women in the tech industry need to work harder for success than their male counterparts ?
A 2022 survey revealed that 70 % of women in tech feel like they need to work harder and prove themselves because of their gender . There are several reasons for this , including the portrayal of tech as a primarily male sphere , stemming back to a bias where girls tend to be pushed away from STEM subjects . In addition , there is a lack of female role models in tech , with fewer women reaching leadership positions as over half of the women in tech leave the industry by the midpoint of their careers . industry can demand long hours and increased commitment , which could pose more of a challenge for women , who may perform care work , such as childcare and informal adult care , which was exacerbated in recent years by the pandemic .
How do you think the tech industry can become more gender equal ?
Many companies are working hard to encourage more women to join the industry . At Equinix , we want to make a real difference in changing this imbalance and support women who have the skills to enter the tech industry but might lack the confidence and support to do so .
Why do you think there is underrepresentation of females in the tech industry ?
For similar reasons to the above , historically women have been more hesitant to apply for tech roles . What ’ s more , certain areas of the tech
We must take action and look for innovative ways to make a difference for women and create a more inclusive workplace . Progress in this area has been too slow , but with an increased collective effort we can work together to ensure the tech industry becomes more gender equal . x
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