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On the front of this month ’ s issue , we feature a Ukrainian company called Intellias . After Russia invaded and fullscale war started , the company , which has four offices in Ukraine , worked quickly to evacuate staff and their families . Its Business Continuity plan worked incredibly well and four days after evacuation , 85 % of employees continued to work . Two weeks after the war had started , 98 % of the workforce were able to work .

Intelligent CXO spoke to Intellias CEO , Vitaly Sedler , about how the company has coped during the war and how it continues to grow and has big ambitions for the future . It is on a mission to breathe life into great ideas through the power of digital technology and has clients all over the world . It celebrated its 20th anniversary last year . Don ’ t forget to watch the video of the interview on our website .
Our Business Strategy section hears from Alejandro Martínez Agenjo , Co-founder and CEO of Erudit . He explained how Artificial Intelligence can create actionable insights that improve the workplace culture and enhance employee experiences .
The Business Profile this month is on Magnit , a global leader in the contingent workforce management space , with more than 30 years of experience in this domain . Its industry-leading workforce management platform is of particular relevance during the current economic context , as more and more organisations engage with temporary or contract workers to fulfil their needs . Sam Smith , EMEA President at Magnit , spoke about the company ’ s recent rebrand and its vision .
of inspiration to people of minority backgrounds considering a career in or founding a tech company .
There are many factors to consider when it comes to staff turnover – but while some may be inevitable , such as retirement , a change in career or even moving away , others can be controlled . Antony Thompson , Co-founder of employee wellbeing experts , Loopin , has highlighted six of the major factors in the workplace that could lead to a high staff turnover on page 66 .
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Luc Berlin , Founder and CEO of Miigle +, talked to us for this month ’ s Get To Know section . Miigle + is an AI-driven browser extension that allows you to browse the world ' s largest collection of sustainable and ethical brands . He told us more about his current job role and how he hopes he is a role model and a source
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