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Consumers ready to meet brands in Metaverse

According to a recent survey by TELUS International , a digital customer experience ( CX ) innovator , 72 % of respondents indicated they believe that brand interactions in the Metaverse will one day replace brand interactions in the real world or that brands will use a hybrid approach of both Metaverse and in-person interactions .

Discussions about the Metaverse have gained traction over the past few years and consumers appear to be ready to explore the Metaverse ’ s virtual worlds . In fact , 65 % of respondents believe the Metaverse will be considered mainstream in the next five years .
Consumers look to do more and do it better in the Metaverse
Respondents indicated they expect interactions with brands in the Metaverse to be more engaging ( 53 %) and better customised to their interests ( 49 %). Consumers also said they expect to be able to discover new products / services ( 47 %) in the Metaverse and that brands will resolve their issues more efficiently in these virtual worlds ( 29 %). When asked what would encourage respondents to interact with brands in the Metaverse , the top response was the ability to realistically try out or try on products and services ( 41 %).
Half of respondents said they would choose one brand over another if it offered a superior experience in the Metaverse . Additionally , more than a quarter ( 27 %) of respondents indicated they would pay a 5 % premium for a product or service that was supported by a quality Metaverse experience and 22 % would pay up to 10 % more .
There is , however , a limit to what surveyed consumers feel comfortable doing and purchasing in the Metaverse even with these enhanced experiences . Only 35 % would buy a house or rent an apartment in the real world through the Metaverse . Similarly , only 36 % said they would feel comfortable purchasing a vehicle in this way . This is in stark
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