Intelligent CXO Issue 21 | Page 7


Female founders focused on growth while male counterparts concerned about costs

ExpenseOnDemand has commissioned an extensive survey of business leaders to understand how firms are utilising tech , the demand for tailored solutions and the biggest challenges they face over the next 12 months . The survey showed what female founders and business leaders are focused on for the year ahead with one in three ( 36 %) stating that increasing profit was the main focus while 23 % are looking to grow their businesses .

In comparison , male founders and business leaders are less optimistic with 40 % focused on managing costs and nearly one in four ( 23 %) concerned about clients paying them .
Furthermore , 19 % of male founders admitted they are concerned about the future and surviving the next 12 months with only 16 % of females admitting this is a concern .
The findings show how female founders take a different approach to managing their business compared to their male counterparts , often taking a much more optimistic and pragmatic approach , especially when it comes to planning for the future , with millions more focused on growth and increasing profit .
They are also much more likely to implement the right tech solutions with 16 % saying automating as many processes as possible was critical to helping with growth .

TEXUB empowers Digital Transformation with training programme

TEXUB , a global B2B marketplace pioneering the future of IT and mobility trade , has launched DigiNOMICS , a training programme to support B2B IT traders in their Digital Transformation journeys .

“ DigiNOMICS focuses on skill development and skill upliftment to support partners as they adapt to Digital Transformation and understand the importance of digitalising their businesses today ,” said Suchit Kumar , CEO , TEXUB .
It aims to educate on the economics of digitalisation and trade as it evolves across the globe . The programme focuses on how business revenue can grow as a result of shifting from traditional legacy systems to smart digital systems . The programme will create awareness among B2B IT traders on how they can leverage the TEXUB B2B marketplace platform to expand their reach and business globally , by accessing it locally .
Following the global health crisis in 2020 , B2B decision-makers noticed that online and remote selling was as effective – if not more – as in-person engagement . Sellers also saw that digital prospecting was as effective as in-person meetings to connect with existing customers . The DigiNOMICS training programme by TEXUB elevates B2B IT buyers and sellers and highlights the value of how TEXUB can support their Digital Transformation journeys and global expansion plans without any investments while reducing offline costs . Upon completion of the programme , all participants will be certified .
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